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The Only Consulting Firm for Student Athletes & Their Families

Scholarship For Athletes is the premier consulting company for student-athletes and their families. We educate student athletes and their families about the recruiting process, making sure that the athletes end up at the best school for them on and off the field of play. SFA makes sure that student athletes understand how the interview process works, what the coaches want them to do and why the coaches want them to do it. We then take them through the process in a hands-on approach, starting with a college list and market valuation all the way through their college commitment.

Why Scholarship for Athletes?

1.Educating yourself on the recruiting business now is the best investment you can make.

2.Where you choose to go to college will affect your life forever.

3.This process requires a minimum of 100 hours of work.

4.Our innovative service saves you time, energy and effort by working with you from beginning to end.

5.Our entire staff played Division I sports and has extensive knowledge of the recruiting process.

6.We have developed strong relationships with coaches all over the country.

7.Our expertise gives you the best possible chance to end up at the best school for you.

8.We breakdown the pros & cons for every school on your list.

9.We recruit schools for our athletes.

10.We make sure our athletes choose the right schools for the right reasons.

Our Story

Scholarship for Athletes was founded due to the lack of education being provided to high school athletes and their families about the recruiting process. The student athletes are on a job interview and the coaches are hiring. This process is all about building relationships and the sooner that a student athletes starts, the better off they’ll be. “If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all the truly successful people I’ve met over a lifetime, I’d say it’s the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts.” Read more

Select Your Sport

  • Dan
    We are leery of having people come in and sell recruiting services,but SFA is not a recruiting services; THis company helps athletes understand the process of getting into intercollegiate athletics.
    Athletic Director
  • John Distaso
    After all. the profs is in the pudding.Our son got into his number one choice of university.
    John Distaso
  • Mitch Bader
    Scholarship for Athletes was most helpful because they really helped keep perspective about what the coaches were really looking for and what [our son] needed to be recruited.
    Mitch Bader
    Father from TX
  • Allen Stiles
    There is a personal knowledge that they brought to the table that i don't believe that any amount of visits,going on school websites,even talking to parents could have replaced.
    Allen Stiles
    Father from NJ
  • Gina Kallick
    Not only fif Ross and his staff direct us, he was really part of our family.Interacting with my son and guiding him...I think that was invalueable.
    Gina Kallick
    Mother from PA
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