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SchollyGuide Videos

  • $300 – Access to all four quarters in the SchollyGuide ($100 savings) NOW FREE!  SAVE  100%
  • $100 – Each quarter is available for purchase a la carte   NOW FREE!  SAVE  100%


  • $200 – Four 30 minute sessions via phone or Skype
  • $3,500 – Complete consulting service with unlimited access to the SFA Staff until commitment (SchollyGuide videos included)
  • International Students: Pricing varies, please contact us

How SFA consulting works:

Similar to a math or SAT tutor, SFA works with each student athlete on a one-on-one basis. Student athletes choose a weekly 30 minute time slot to receive guidance from an SFA coach. After each session, the SFA coach will email the student athlete (and family) with a recap of what was discussed during the call and what homework assignment needs to be completed before the next session. Whether the student athlete is in the beginning, middle, or end of their recruiting process, SFA consulting can be beneficial. The coaches will work with them until their consulting sessions expire. Once the sessions expire, families may purchase more sessions. This structure provides a flexible, pay as you go option for families seeking a minimal amount of help with the recruiting process.

References are available upon request

Payment Options:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Checks

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